Itch'n to Stitch was born out of the passion for sewing and working with fabric. I was formerly a massage therapist but had to give that profession up due to health concerns. After discussion with my husband, we decided to take my passion and turn it into a business. So, Itch'n to Stitch was born.

As you have probably figured out, we are a family business. Also, we are a small-town business with strong family values. That comes through in the product and service that we provide to you. Integrity and quality work form our business philosophy.

Although we will do business through the internet and email, at Itch'n to Stitch, we still prefer the personal touch of dealing and talking with the customer. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we fully understand what you need us to do and when you need it completed. Unlike many businesses today, we will gladly answer the phone and provide you with the information that you are seeking.

Please give us the chance to serve you. You will get a fair price and excellent service and workmanship. Thank you for your interest in Itchn' to Stitch.